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"In my life, I have been inspired by artists like Etta James, Billie Holiday, Pink Floyd, Amy Winehouse and Radiohead but I can't deny my

obsession these days with songs by Jorja Smith, Sabrina Claudio, 21 Pilots, Chet Faker and RÜFUS du sol, their music is authentic and honest and that is everything for me!"


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Alethia (born 3 April 1995) is a Colombian singer and songwriter Influenced by reggae, jazz, blues, soul and bolero.

She comes from the centre of an artistic family, her father Carlos a designer, sculptor and a self-taught musician and her mother Almha a painter and a businesswoman. “She fell in love with music and arts in all expression since she was so young, at her 8 years old she was writing her first lyrics” according to her parents.

From an early age she got involve in the world of musical theatre and singing, experience that gave her three Latin Grammys nominations, In 2008, 2010 and 2011 along with Clara Luna (A children band).

In 2012 after Several years of musicals while she was finishing school, Alethia decides to study contemporary music.

In 2013  she got finalist in the reality show The Voice (Colombian version); since then she begins her musical career.

Her first Ep was released in 2014 under the name of Hada to SoundCloud.

At beginning of this year, with a new sound Alethia released her

single Destino, a groove reggae inspired by San Andres island, place

where she grew up.

In the middle of April she released From this High, a ft song with Min a

korean artist. One month after another ft song came out, Give me, this

time with Odd Tastes an Australian band.

In the month of July she released Once More (an R&B & lo-fi song) first single of her new EP Once More, a journal of her personal reflections shared through airs of reggae, R&B, neo-soul and a latin touch with lyrics between English and Spanish what makes her personal stamp.

This new EP is under the production of her best friend and producer Zye.

"Once More is very special for me, it has a very personal message that

invites us to believe in ourselves and to pursue our dreams no matter

what it costs, something that I have been working on as an artist and as

a person.

There have been times when doubts assault our minds and everything seem to go wrong and you feel lost but sometimes at the very last moment you realise that the only way that works is to follow your own path believing in yourself, doing what you love the most and

dreaming big. You are the one who set the limits! " - Alethia

Alethia has a lot to tell and this year she has several surprises on the way, so be tuned...

Beautiful vibes

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Management: Carlos Gomez

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