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"In my life, I have been inspired by artists like Etta James, Billie Holiday, Pink Floyd, Amy Winehouse and Radiohead but I can't deny my

obsession these days with songs by Jorja Smith, Sabrina Claudio, 21 Pilots, Chet Faker and RÜFUS du sol, their music is authentic and honest and that is everything for me!"


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ALETHIA  (born 3 April 1995)  is a Colombian soulful solo artist based in Melbourne Australia. She butterflies up to a soprano and downs again to an intimate sing-talk in just one go. Her sound has influences from reggae, jazz,R&B, neo-soul, soul and boleros. Her music is a journal of her personal reflections with lyrics sang between English and Spanish what makes her personal stamp. 

She comes from the centre of an artistic family what made her fall in love with music and arts in all expression. At her 8 years old she was writing her first song and got involve in the world of musical theatre and singing, being part of Clara Luna and MISI, two of the most prestigious musical theatre companies in Latin America; giving her three Latin Grammys  nominations, In 2008, 2010 and 2011 along with Clara Luna.

In 2012 Alethia decides to study contemporary music at EMMAT, global partner of Berklee College of music. In 2013 she got finalist in the reality show The Voice (Colombian version). Experience that allowed her to approach the music industry and play with renowned musicians in the country. In the following year Alethia was offered to be signed by an independent record label, since she did not agree on the terms of the contract, she decides to move to Miami Florida and as her creativity kept her looking for different things to do she made her way to be part for the cast of two musical theatre plays and played with different latin bands until she decided was time to work in her original music, In 2014 she released her first Ep under the name of Hada as Alethia Gomez  to SoundCloud. 

In 2018 Alethia chose a new destination, Australia where she got a full scholarship to finish her studies as musician at JMC Academy in Melbourne city and so she did. At beginning of 2020 already graduated she released her single Destino, a groove reggae inspired by San Andres island, where she grew up; with a new sound and a new image by the name ALETHIA. 

In the middle of April of the same year a featuring song with Min a Korean artist was released  'From this High'.  One month after, another featuring song came out, 'Give me', this time with Odd Tastes an Australian band; In the month of July  she released her second single 'Once More' (an R&B & lo-fi song) song part of her EP Closer under the production of Zye. Later on, at ends of 2020 she released Voyage a featuring song in French and Spanish, beginning to get attention in the European music industry. 

As her first release on February  26th was released 'Sometimes I Feel That Way", in this opportunity a collaboration with Did Miro an Australian beat maker, song featuted by BOND,EARMILK, AMMPLIFY among other well-known blogs and magazines,  following by 'Recuérdame' released on March in collaboration with Nicolle Jadad (Colombian artist), song selected as "song of the week" by Radiónica. 

Now this coming month ALETHIA is releasing 'Closer', as a continuation of the story of her song Once more, once again under the production of Zye. Available on April 8 on all platforms

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